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Writing Collective

(Re)start your book...only this time, finish it.

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Monthly Writing Membership

Regina’s wide smile and open heart prompted me to write my stories down. She teaches her students about trust, and truth, and passion. Around her, I knew my work would be heard and held and hallowed.

—Jodi Paloni, writing professor, life coach, novelist and the 2013 recipient of the Short Story America Prize for Short Fiction

Online Wrting Support



See your writing goals through

Accountability, feedback and precious time these are the intangible needs of every writer.  Work with me one-on-one, either in person or virtually and together we will move and flow with your process to get you and your work on track.  

The Creative Sabbatical

Writers often dream of holing themselves up in a glorious hideaway, nothing but time and empty pages sprawling out before them.  Fantastic as that seems, it's easy to get distracted, even when there are no distractions. 


Especially if there are no distractions. 


So why not start where you are?  Make time for your writing in your regular life.  Or, if you do plan on going away, set up a support system before you go so that you aren't all alone.  Being isolated in order to write might sound dreamy but the reality can be crippling and overwhelming and even lead to creative paralysis if you don't put proper supports in place for yourself.  


Together, we will outline deadlines and goals over a specific time frame so that by the end of it, you have something to show for your time. 

This is a great option for those who are considering signing up for a retreat or if you've just returned from one. 

An effective way to kick-start your writing or continue your flow. 


Cost is dependent upon each individual writer's needs.   

How you're supported:

  • 45 min One-on-one Weekly Calls 

  • Writing Outline (page/word goals)

  • Email correspondence with feedback in response to your writing

  • Free opt in to 'Write Anyway' and the opportunity to exchange feedback with other writers 

  • Discount on a Duende Retreat 

Online Writing Support

I've yet to meet a writer who knows his or her own brilliance. 

Which is why writing with the support of others is essential.  

It's the only way we can keep plucking along at our keyboards and remain sane.    




Regina knocks you out with a radiant beauty that is way more than skin deep. Her vibe is friendly and laid back but her writing is down right fierce. Both a warrior and a goddess, a sentinel and a sage – this girl can anchor down and hold a safe place for your deepest truths and if flights of fancy are your thing, she can help you to fly! Regina’s an enthusiastic gypsy, a wise world traveler and an accomplished dream maker whose warm, vibrant smile is like a bright beacon welcoming you back home – to yourself and the stories that have gathered in the temples of your sweet, vulnerable heart.

Karen Kenney ~ Writer, Speaker, Workshop Leader, Spiritual Mentor, Gateless Teacher, Potty Mouth, Yoga Teacher & Host of the “The Yoga Show with Karen”

Write Anyway

Write, Submit and Receive Feedback - for $10/week!

Life can so easily get in the way of our writing.  That's why I've created a weekly, virtual, rolling offering open to drop ins and regulars alike.


Each Thursday by 5pm GMT, submit up to 3 pages (12 point font, double-spaced) and the following Tuesday you'll receive kind, constructive, intelligent feedback. 

A great way to keep yourself accountable and get quick feedback on your work.

For best results, commit for at least a month.

How you'll be supported:

  • Accountability, commitment 

  • Careful and helpful feedback

  • Momentum from the group

  • Accomplishment - the benefits of having (and sticking to!) a hard weekly deadline

  • A great way to push through resistance and track your progress

  • Clarity: often it’s while reading someone else’s work that we gain insights to our own


'Write Anyway' is a great way for me to write with a weekly deadline, and to share writing that I wouldn't otherwise be able to, or wanted to.  In this group I know that my writing is in good hands and the feedback I have received has been really loving and helpful. I was also surprised how wonderful it has been to receive another person's writing. I feel extremely honored to read a text someone has written that has never been published anywhere, and to find ways of giving supportive feedback. Both writing and reading in the Write Anyway group are having a positive impact on my writing work, and now I feel I am part of a group, not just working alone.

—Sari Sironen, writer and yoga teacher 

Retreat Support Sevices

Ready, Set...Write!

Commit to your writing for one month and see what happens.

Submit up to five pages (12 point font, double spaced) and receive personal, constructive insights and feedback on your work from me. 

Cost is $65 for a one month commitment  

How you're supported:

  • Weekly writing prompts (if needed)

  • Feedback via email correspondence in response to your writing

  • Free opt in to 'Write Anyway' and the opportunity to give and receive feedback from other writers 

  • Accomplishment - the benefits of having (and sticking to!) a hard weekly deadline

  • A great way to push through resistance and track your progress

  • Discount on a Duende Retreat 


Regina inspires me to go further into my writing than I would otherwise. Her presence is skillful and insightful.  Her relaxed approach to facilitating helps me be more of myself in my writing after sitting with her. Her workshops rock!

—Minton Sparks, spoken word artist, singer, songwriter and teacher of writing and performing arts from Nashville, Tennessee. 



Are you an artist or a professional who runs their own business and dreams of holding a retreat somewhere fab for your following but either don't know where to begin or don't have the time to plan and organize it? 

I've got you covered. 

Screenshot 2019-10-02 at 16.30.08.png

Past retreats have been featured in

Suzanne Kingsbury.png

"Want to wake up that gypsy soul savant? Crash through those creative barriers? Escape on retreat to some far flung beautiful place? Change your life? Regina Tingle is your girl. An edifying editor with strong connections and creative grace, Regina is a sassy, fun workshop leader who knows how to cry and laugh as you hit that bedrock of your own truth. Being with Regina is about strength, beauty, creativity and dream weaving. Walk alongside Regina? And anything is possible: deep, abiding love; that next book you want to write; the 4.5 million house on the beach. She holds it all with her wide smile, her breadth of experience and her depth."

— Suzanne Kingsbury, critically-acclaimed novelist and founder of Gateless Gate Writing

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