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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. 

–Maya Angelou



What I believe

I believe words have the power to shift lives, heal broken hearts and fortify the spirit.  Writing is a powerful tool available to everyone. If made accessible, it can be used to develop your inner voice and discover your higher creative self.  The creative spirit is alive in all of us; we must listen to our urge to create,  learn to interpret our muse, trust our imagination to bring us to places of renewal.



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What you can expect to gain

As a teacher of writing, I facilitate a deep, divine learning process, showing you how you can be elevated by the power of words – both others’ and your own. I show you new ways in which writing can be employed to instigate change, spark a creative force in your life.  Whatever it is, a book, blog or a business, whether it’s to heal, rearrange or identify what it is you do or don’t want, I’ll show you how to use writing as a vehicle to get to that place, guiding you as you see your vision through for yourself.




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How we begin is different for everyone but my methods of getting you where you want to go are the same:  looking at what works, positive reinforcement, the use of craft tools and muting the monkey mind, your inner critic.  Whether you have an entire first draft done or you haven’t yet had the courage to write one word, together we begin from the beginning.  We acknowledge the desire to start, recognize it as your dancing order from the divine, then move forward one word at a time.



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My offerings depend on your needs.  Writing and internet lends us flexibility, transcending geography.  I’ve worked with people one-on-one, both in person and long-distance, across continents and oceans.  I’m available for Skype consultations, personally guided writing sessions tailored around your existing life.  I’m big believer in the power of distance learning.  This is when you write to me and I respond to you and everything is accomplished in magical silent email exchanges.  This is a particularly good approach when it comes to hectic schedules.  It’s up to you.  We can carve out time every day or you can start with just a half hour a week.  Whatever you feel is right for you.  As far as rates go, I work on a sliding, hourly scale.  Contact me with what you’re looking for and we’ll create something that suits.






I’d love to hear from you.