A Fine Little Line

Who knew a whole twenty minute walk down the river in the same city could put you in a new universe?  Moving less than two miles away from my old place has taken me out of my comfort zone.  In the last two weeks I have had to rely on things that I can’t control and people who can sometimes be unreliable.  I’ve had to organise myself in the middle of the chaos, establish a new routine, get acquainted with a new yoga studio, familiarise myself with how the new grocery store is organized.  The most … [Read more...]

Your True Path: Recognizing the Difference

I used to get lost inside a laminated image sticky-tacked to my 7th grade English teacher's podium.  It was one of those inspirational posters every teacher had up in their classroom with insights like "What's right isn't always popular and what's popular isn't always right."  I don't recall learning much else from the year I spent in Mrs. Green's class but I remember this poster.  It was a photograph of two leaf-covered trails, shaded by towering trees with lush green leaves. Between the … [Read more...]

An Incantation – a meditation on mummies, permanence and impermanence

Navigate your way through the immense amount of antiquities at the British Museum and you’ll eventually turn a corner where you'll find yourself entranced by the charcoal eyes, raven hair and the gold jewelry of ancient Egyptian mummies. Their crossed arms clutch thousand year-old secrets and you can’t help but feel something like tenderness when you look at their tightly-wrapped feet, reminding you of a swaddled infant. You’ll be transfixed under their empty gazes; they seem to stare right … [Read more...]