Taming the Shark

A few weeks ago while flipping through channels I came across a program on National Geographic  about this underwater photographer who wanted to learn how to put a shark into a trance.  Alongside an expert, he'd geared up in a chain-suit and bravely entered the sharks' realm, bait in tow.  By following her instructions, slowly stroking the gigantic animal's snout and forehead he attempted this seemingly impossible task.  He was doing quite well until a part of his chain glove brushed against the … [Read more...]

Your True Path: Recognizing the Difference

I used to get lost inside a laminated image sticky-tacked to my 7th grade English teacher's podium.  It was one of those inspirational posters every teacher had up in their classroom with insights like "What's right isn't always popular and what's popular isn't always right."  I don't recall learning much else from the year I spent in Mrs. Green's class but I remember this poster.  It was a photograph of two leaf-covered trails, shaded by towering trees with lush green leaves. Between the … [Read more...]