How to Write a Book – a Single Cicada Calling

The blue light of morning filters its way through the lush, green oak leaves outside my window.  The sound of the whirring ceiling fan combined with the humming cicadas confirm summer's hot arrival. It's been so long since I've been in Texas to witness the commencement of the relentless summer, summers that were once so familiar to me.  I'd forgotten how powerful ninety-five degree heat is, how it zaps you within seconds, draining you dry of energy.  I'd forgotten how cold air conditioning is … [Read more...]

An Incantation – a meditation on mummies, permanence and impermanence

Navigate your way through the immense amount of antiquities at the British Museum and you’ll eventually turn a corner where you'll find yourself entranced by the charcoal eyes, raven hair and the gold jewelry of ancient Egyptian mummies. Their crossed arms clutch thousand year-old secrets and you can’t help but feel something like tenderness when you look at their tightly-wrapped feet, reminding you of a swaddled infant. You’ll be transfixed under their empty gazes; they seem to stare right … [Read more...]