13 Things 2013 Taught Me

1. No matter where you are or what your situation is, good or bad, it will not be forever.

2. A good laugh is sacred.

3. Sacrifice is often necessary but not at all costs.

4. Life’s most brilliant ideas can be hatched by taking a hot shower.

5. The best writing comes not from writing but living.

6. When you start drinking skim milk instead of whole milk, magical things begin to happen. This is how to be proactive when it comes to change. If you’re feeling stuck, unstick yourself. First, mentally, then physically. If you want something to change, you can’t wait around for it to happen on its own just because you’re hoping, wishing or dreaming. You have to make an effort to change something, even if it’s just a light bulb. Change things that are within your control and the rest will follow suit. Take tiny steps first and make a conscientious effort on a daily basis. You will be amazed and even humbled at the outcome.

7. Take chances every chance you get. When you get invited somewhere you don’t know anyone, it’s absolutely vital that you go. Just showing up and saying yes (or no) can make a big enough difference to change your life and countless others.

8. If you do things that are out of your comfort zone, it will make you feel uncomfortable at first but later you will grow and feel hopeful and alive and inspired.
It will cause an exponential growth spurt.

9. Buy high heels a half size smaller so they don’t fall off when you walk.

10. Nature and walking can cure a lot.

11. Feel discouraged if you have to, weep when and if you need to but don’t despair.
Like a child throwing a temper tantrum, when she calms down she’ll finally accept things as they are.

12. It’s okay to feel frustrated with your life, your past choices and the entire world. But you have to let it out. You have to let it go. If you do, something will shift. If you don’t, you are holding yourself back and wallowing in your bitterness where you’ll stay in your sad little rut where bad habits reign. Get over it and get on with it because your life is waiting.

13. You never know how it’s going to turn out but that’s no reason not to begin.
Rarely have I ever made anything that has turned out exactly the way I had planned. Wait, let me rephrase that: NEVER have I ever made anything that has turned out how I thought it would. Thus is life. Any creative endeavor requires an act of faith. It’s just like getting out of bed. We do not know how our day will go but we do not dwell on this. Instead we do it anyway, without giving it much thought at all. We aren’t given an outline of how to do things the right way, we just use our best judgement and if something isn’t working we start over or try another way. Don’t let the fear of not knowing how or not knowing if it will work or how it will turn out stop you from starting in the first place. Creating something new is a process of discovery. Delight in the process…and trust in it. First it might not turn out. Big deal. Start again. Then it might not turn out the way you imagined. Still, it might turn out even better.

Happy 2014. May it be nothing like you planned but everything you hoped for just the same.



  1. Ashley says

    No. 6 should be printed out and displayed on every woman’s bedside table; As a reminder that we can accomplish many things and shape our lives to be remarkable, one step at a time.

    • admin says

      No. 6 makes it sound easy but most of the time it’s not. Getting unstuck is the hardest part and when I say, “unstick yourself” I don’t mean that it’s something that should be done alone. Most of the time, a small army of helpers is needed.

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