13 Things 2013 Taught Me

1. No matter where you are or what your situation is, good or bad, it will not be forever. 2. A good laugh is sacred. 3. Sacrifice is often necessary but not at all costs. 4. Life's most brilliant ideas can be hatched by taking a hot shower. 5. The best writing comes not from writing but living. 6. When you start drinking skim milk instead of whole milk, magical things begin to happen. This is how to be proactive when it comes to change. If you're feeling stuck, unstick … [Read more...]


It’s warm and balmy. Yet they had predicted another chilly cold snap within the next few days. It’s dusk and I stand at the kitchen sink, looking out the window for a brief moment, long enough for the hint of violet in the air to catch me by surprise. To the west, beyond the oak trees the sky is ablaze. Fiery reds and oranges glaze the once-white clouds. The filtered light summons me and I go, barefoot, opening the sliding glass door, to breathe in the comfortable, lilac-colored air. The … [Read more...]