Decisions, decisions

A few years ago a friend of mine, also a therapist, said something along the lines of this:  "If you're making a decision based on emotions, you're probably making the wrong decision.  If you're making your decision based on logic, then it's probably the right decision." Wait.  Had I heard that right?  Decisions, in order to the right, should be based on logic? This worried me.  For years.  It made me feel inadequate.  Maybe even a little desperate. Why? Because I'm human and … [Read more...]

An American in America Again

Somewhere in central Papua New Guinea a white, blue-eyed man hacks his way uphill through the thick jungle.  It’s almost dark by the time he finally arrives at the highest point of the hill.  He strains to see as he sets up the cell phone receptor tower he has carried with him deep into the jungle.  As he attempts to put it together, perhaps he fumbles.  Sweat dripping into his eyes, maybe he drops the screwdriver once or twice.  Or maybe a much-needed screw falls to the ground and rolls under a … [Read more...]