Opera House Moment

I've discovered a little secret: At six o'clock every morning, cruise ships pass through the Sydney Harbor. From my window at the YHA, I rush to catch a glimpse of them as they glide by, these floating, glowing giants, slipping past Sydney without a sound.  As they pass they look the Opera House in the eye, just her height, barely clearing the harbour bridge by a hair.  To watch these ships pass at dawn feels like a privilege.  A rare spectacle.  Their presence is mysteriously … [Read more...]

Home or a weird, dream-like version of it

  No birds in Sydney this morning.  The constant monotone of continual fog horns woke me up.  I opened the window to my hostel’s amazing view and the veil of fog was so thick it covered the entire bay.  The Sydney Opera House, which I can normally see from here was gone.  Invisible.  I couldn’t see past the next block. The looming bridge was the most striking of all objects engulfed by the low clouds.  The gigantic, metallic, stick-like structure soared over the water and went … [Read more...]