But wait! There’s more.

After reading yesterday's post, a friend emailed me this morning to tell me that this week's NPR segment of "This American Life" is, coincidentally, all about coincidences. And just in case you were wondering, I did get my car going. And yes, I really did scatter flower petals over the poor, stinky opossum's carcass. … [Read more...]

DNA and The Strange, Mystical Promise of a Dead Opossum (a true story)

I want to go to India or somewhere you can sprinkle flower petals at the foot of a half-animal, half-human statue who freely gives out blessings to the faithful.  I want to smell the incense, subtly burning slowly in the background.  I want to drift like its stream of smoke, first steadily and then, once I've got myself going, go all curvy and crinkly and bouncy.  I want to be free like that smoke, like that brave traveler hippie who sees the beauty in the nasty, nitty-gritty world, the one we … [Read more...]

Pekapeka* Wetlands

There's a place about a twenty minute drive from where I live called the Pekapeka Wetlands.  It's a low-lying area just off the side of the two-laned State Highway.  That's right, I said two-laned.  What's considered a highway in New Zealand--the major thoroughfare that takes you from one end of the country to the other, would be considered little more than a country road in North America or Europe. I've never actually given much thought to wetlands.  I think of swamps in Louisiana or the … [Read more...]