Here are a few (random) scenes from life in the last few weeks.

Wairunga is a farm / B&B / golf course / cafe overlooking the Pacific in the distance.  Paulette, the owner, greeted us as we drove up (uninvited) and took us on the grand tour.  The nine-hole golf course has a $10 green fee (about $7US) and if they're not there she says just leave the money in the box.  After a tour of the farm and the gorgeous surroundings she even told us we could come camp whenever we wanted.  Even if they weren't home.   Pigs!  On the side of the road.  Momma, Poppa and … [Read more...]

Paying Attention

I didn't get the greeting card job. Oh well.  Big whoop-dee-do. I was slightly dreading this moment.  The moment when what had been carrying me -- a sparkle of hope -- would be dashed out and I would have to muster something else up to put in its place. That thing, I quickly found out, is called faith. This is a slight problem because I am so notoriously fickle in my faith.  But I am learning.  In fact, I've been thinking a lot about faith without really knowing it.  I've been dancing around … [Read more...]