I knew my grandfather was gone when I woke up this morning and there was a bar of light refracted into a rainbow on the ceiling above my bed.  I’ve never seen that before and just figured it was a greeting from the beyond. I called my dad and I was right. Peepaw was not a man big on words.  When he did talk he spoke loudly and passionately, gesticulating grandly with his arms.  He talked like he had a mouth devoid of teeth, rounding everything off into a near incomprehensible Southern … [Read more...]

Why I Want to Write Greeting Cards for a Living

Two things washed ashore in New Zealand last week, making the news.  One was an enormous whale.  Locals and people from all over gathered to take in the magnificent being.  A local tribe gave it a proper Maori burial, believing it to be an ancestor and a rare gift. The other thing that washed ashore was a message in a bottle written seventy-six years ago. The news of both of these things touched me in unexpected ways.  The whale because of its mighty size and how we are so unaware of their … [Read more...]

TinyLetters 2013

TinyLetters is a project I began back in October out of curiosity after noticing that some of my friends’ emails were posing questions that others seemed to be answering.  Someone would ask something or write something that would echo the same or similar concerns someone else was having.  In another conversation entirely, a potential response to those concerns would arise.  My intention with TinyLetters was to lift the barriers of these conversations and with your help and permission, provide … [Read more...]

Forward Paddle

"The water will go from black; to dark blue; to blue; to light blue. Then white. Just beyond that white is where you'll find oxygen. That's when you'll wanna breathe." This is what our guide is telling us right before we careen down the world's highest commercially rafted waterfall, Tutea Falls on the Kaituna River.  We were quickly debriefed before departure, about how to curl up into a ball--should you fall out of the boat or should the boat tip over. "Don't try and … [Read more...]