The End? A Twisted Sense of Hope

I couldn't sleep last night and there was absolutely no reason why that should have been.  I'd gone on a long walk in the heat, down to the pool and I even swam in band-aid-infested chlorinated water with hundreds of happy children who wouldn't get out of my lap lane.  After an hour of laps in a pool that resembled a flooded ant bed, I walked home in the heat, in my flipflops, past houses with Christmas trees in the front window.  (What a weird world this is, Christmas in summer.)  Last night I … [Read more...]

It’s Never About What We Think It’s About

When I find myself in a disagreement, it tends to start off one way and the more we talk, the more it turns into what it really is.  No longer are we talking about who's turn it is to do the dishes, we're talking about fairness.  It might take some childish banter, a raised voice or even a few low-blow insults but eventually the real subject of the matter will allow itself to be heard. This dissonance occurring right now among us isn't strictly about guns. It's about the definition of … [Read more...]

No More Guns.

A good writer friend I know and think highly of posted a status on Facebook that said, "Maybe for now we could all just descend from the head to the heart.  Be with love and grief.  Talk about guns and stuff tomorrow." I agree, but where I am?  It's tomorrow already. It's Saturday morning and I just woke up to this news.  I thought we were talking about the last shooting.  I had no idea there'd been another shooting while I'd been asleep. What is this? It's a  never-ending nonsensical, chaos … [Read more...]

Let’s Start Over / Begin Again / Recommence

Mrs. Reynold would only say one word.  I was in fourth grade, in choir, in Oklahoma City where she did this thing--made this sound--to get us ready to sing.  It wasn't really even a word.  It was a sound.  It happened like this--we would all be on the risers, talking and whispering and laughing and then she would walk in, poofy coiffed hair, lacquered with Brek or Prell.  She was so nice, Mrs. Reynolds--an older woman who loved us, we knew.  But we also knew not to make her mad.  More than us, … [Read more...]

Good News (Despite ‘The End of the World’)

With all the bad news out there in the world, tornadoes, typhoons, tragedies...I've had a special request from my sister to write about something pleasant and uplifting. Something pleasant and uplifting: this is what I am thinking about, lying groggily in bed when an earthquake rocks me out of bed.  It causes everything to rattle and tremble.  My heart begins to flutter like I've been running a marathon.  From one second to the next I am jolted to my feet and I am steadily making my way to the … [Read more...]