Ta New Zealand!

New Zealand is a bizarre world but it makes me giggle on a regular basis.  The gazillion sheep everywhere are one of the most entertaining things about this place.  That and the hilarious fact that there is absolutely nothing to do.  So I've taken to studying people.  New Zealanders in particular as they are the most available and obvious subjects.  I would run out of things to talk about if it weren't for them. LINGO: They say funny things.  For example, if you go into a shop, they'll say … [Read more...]

Falling Into the Present

After a month of mindfulness lessons, something clicked on the very last day.  Usually class starts off with a bit of sharing--how's practice going for everyone--and we all kind of mumble a bit about how we're getting along as mindful beings.  A few weeks ago I learned that mindfulness doesn't necessarily mean to be aware and in the present moment while you're washing dishes (which is what I was doing, saying "I'm washing dishes, I'm washing dishes, I'm washing this cup now and now I'm rinsing … [Read more...]

Life in Middle Earth

Today is a big day in New Zealand.  It's the world premiere of Sir Peter Jackson's much anticipated new movie, "The Hobbit."  I read this book in my fourth grade class with Mrs. Hensley but I don't remember much about it.  It is as vague to me as the world is to New Zealand. Many people believe New Zealand to be in Europe somewhere.  Somewhere specifically near Denmark. While there's no excuse, I can't judge.  I can actually sympathize with not knowing where to find New Zealand, also known as … [Read more...]

TinyLetter #5 – Enduring It

Here is another TinyLetter I thought would be useful to share with everyone, not just limit to the TinyLetter subscriptions. Thank you, LetterWriter, for being brave enough to write. ***   It was about a month ago I got one of those phone calls from one of those people that when they call your heart skips a beat. The phone call from a person I've now coined the commitment phobe (which I've written an entire essay about if you'd like to read some other time). As his name suggests he is … [Read more...]

Regina, Regyna, An Introduction

For some reason, after I introduce myself, two out of three people here in New Zealand call me Regyna.  As in Regyna that rhymes with vagina.  It's embarrassing.  I find it hard to correct people because I feel it makes an already embarrassing moment even more embarrassing.  More than embarrassing, it's weird.  I introduce myself as Regina--Regeeeeeena.  Minutes later they'll come back with, "What can I get you to drink Regyna?"  Nick says that if his name were Dennis and people were pronouncing … [Read more...]

Mindfulness: a wretched wilderness

About a week ago I signed up to take a four-week course in mindfulness, not really knowing what I was getting myself into.  Because I spend a lot of time alone, part of why I signed up for this course was that I hoped it might help me get out of my own head for awhile.  I also thought it sounded interesting and figured it would be a good way to meet people. As it turns out (and it always turns out this way) it was not at all what I had anticipated.  Instead, this was going to be a huge lesson – … [Read more...]

TinyLetter turned Blog posting

The TinyLetter I received last week from Angie Whidden was particularly relevant and thought-provoking so I wanted to share it on my blog.  Thank you, Angie for uncensoring yourself and for agreeing to be publicly heard.  Here is her TinyLetter below with my response that follows. "It's fascinating, really". I like that you're doing this. Because sometimes I have these ideas/rants/interests/experiences/random thoughts that I just desperately want to share in no particular … [Read more...]

Do Not Drink During Yoga and Other Life Lessons

Yesterday I went to yoga. That sentence could be a complete journal entry, right there, The End.  But there’s more to the story than that. It was my first time at this yoga center in town.  Last week I’d stopped by, grabbed an informational pamphlet and called it a day.  That was my step one.  (I am slow to get going on the things I need to do to connect.  It’s just my nature.  I don’t like new situations.  They make me uncomfortable.)  My next step was to email the center.  Make a … [Read more...]