Continuation of TinyLetter Experiment

Dear Everybody,

I’m getting some really great letters from people and some really wonderful topics.  (Thank you for that.)  Sometimes they have nothing to do with one another and sometimes while the context is completely distinct, the underlying themes are inextricably intertwined.  Because your response has been unanimously positive, I am going to continue to write the letters as long as I get them from you.  I believe this could evolve into more and more.    

Some of you have such specific things to say.  Such beautiful, relevant and important things to say.  If it would be alright with you (you have to let me know, of course) I was thinking it might be nice to first post your letter–even if anonymously.  Like I said, I won’t do it without your permission.  Just let me know if you are happy to be known, named and credited for your note.   

If you are interested in receiving the letters, even if you don’t have anything you want to say and you just want to listen in, please subscribe.  If you do subscribe but have decided it’s not for you, please by all means, unsubscribe.  No hard feelings.  I really will still love you.

Also, I would love to get some feedback from you.  If you have an opinion or an idea or anything else in regard to the TinyLetters, let me know.  

With love,


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