Dear Everybody,

In addition to this blog, I’m going to try something new.  It’s called TinyLetter.  

See, for the past few weeks I’ve noticed something peculiar in my email correspondence with you all.  Now, none of you know one another, but yet somehow one conversation I was having with one person was echoing the concerns of someone else.  One of you would say something and it seemed to reverberate into the answer to another question in an entirely different, separate conversation.  

Collective consciousness?  

I don’t know.  

But it got me thinking and really, it’s fascinating.  I believe we are more connected than we realize.  Yet with the nature of our lives, we might not actually feel that way at all.  The internet and our ability to connect in an instant has created a conundrum: we are more connected than ever but deep down we might feel great disconnect.  

My question is, what if we could lift that barrier?  Would we feel less alone?  Would we be more enlightened?  More at ease, more at peace?  Would we find coping skills within the ether?   

In the name of an experiment with good intentions, I want to try something.  I would like for you to email me.  Anything at all.  Write TINYLETTERS in the subject line, so I know what it’s “about.”  It can be a quote, a question, a rant, a riff, whatever you like.  Make it personal or political or just pose a question for thought.  Every few days, depending on the content of your emails, I will reflect upon the various themes, tie them together if they correlate (or even if they don’t) then do my best to shape a response and post it in an email/newsletter.  If you’re interested in reading these reflections, all you have to do is subscribe here.  

Please note that if you do write me, your email/name/question will remain anonymous, unless you specify otherwise.  Also, it is not my intention to alienate anyone or breach confidentiality.  Not all emails are up for mass-reflection, of course.  Not to worry.  I’m only interested in the big, large or small miniscule things that pertain to all of us.  

I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do together.
With love,


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