What’s Amazing

                Here’s what’s amazing:Nearly everything if you stop to marvel.                Take, for example, the huge double-decker jet, readied and positioned to fly across the planet.   You got on and the flight attendant pointed you in the direction of your seat but to get there you had to pass by the luxuriously lit, sexily curved … [Read more...]

The Strangest, Most Curious Part About Travelling

Over forty hours of travel, across New Zealand, across Australia, across Asia, across India, over the deserts of the Mideast, we are in Rome.  Because Italy required us to tie up last loose ends in person, we flew diagonally across the world, a slice across the sandwich of the world.  From the lower right-hand side up to the upper-left corner of this frame of the map, we rode on a straight-lined beam to that city where all roads lead.  It went like this:Hawke’s Bay to Auckland: 6 … [Read more...]