Getting it Together

Last week I was running around in circles, both emotionally and physically.  My mind was mulling and churning through all the untied details of my life dangling around me.  At one point, there were so many things to do and think about I nearly just gave up.  I couldn’t cope.  I was a wreck—I couldn’t get it together.  The parts that were missing in my life were playing on repeat on my mind’s drunk monkeys' tape deck.  Drunk monkeys.  That’s the name and image … [Read more...]

Why We Must Talk About the Weather

At the grocery store earlier today the woman ringing up my things asked me about the weather out there.  She wanted to know if it was raining or not (again).  Without much enthusiasm or interest I said, “Ah, nah, it’s just sprinkling a little.”  “Sprinkling,” she repeated and smiled as she took her time bagging my things, “That’s such a nice way to put it.  Around here we always say it’s spitting.”  When we talk about the weather in the States it’s small talk, filler, a … [Read more...]

Why I Blog

Initially, I began this blog as an exercise, a way to spank myself into some sort of discipline when it came to writing on a daily basis.  It didn’t so much matter to me that probably no one was actually reading it because that wasn’t the point.  The point was to write, to unlock my words from the saved files on my computer and actually release them into the anonymous ether of the world, if only the cyber world.  Strange things tend to happen when one begins something on the … [Read more...]

Did I mention the dairy?

I’m convinced that the few people of the world’s population who actually live in New Zealand feel their own isolation.  They’re like extended family, outlaws twice removed, always out of touch.  They know exactly just how far away they are and so when they have the opportunity to connect, with each other or with tourists traveling through, they take full advantage.  Exhibit A:The other morning I went down to the beach for a quick, brisk walk in a wild wind and stopped at the dairy … [Read more...]

Volcano Erupts in New Zealand

Because it concerns so little of the world's population, most of you probably won't ever come to know about the nearby eruption that occurred last night here in New Zealand, but news of the blast was the first thing I woke up to this morning.  It's been over one-hundred years since Mount Tongariro erupted and experts warn that last night's explosion could be the beginning of a series that could last for years.  More than a three hour drive away, we could smell the sulfur in the air--a … [Read more...]

Everywhere and Nowhere I’ve Known

When everything is brand new and different, I tend to compare the newness with something familiar.  I do this involuntarily, but steadily and constantly.  I suppose it’s how one might get her bearings.  Because New Zealand is such a distinct land and because it is so far away, it is hard to get or even give an accurate description of what it’s like.  But I’ll come back to that in a minute.  It took two full days from Rome to get here.  In those two full days I slept … [Read more...]