He wrote back.

My beloved writer hero in real-life flesh wrote back.  Nick Flynn.  He wrote to me.  !!!!!  In response to my inquiry about whether or not he might kindly write a book about writing, not for me, but for the sake of writing itself and he said he's thought about it and that my inquiry could quite possibly be the nudge that might actually "push him over the edge." But that writing (no shit) takes up a huge part of someone's life (no shit). ButHere's to that writing. And to … [Read more...]

What Book/Author Changed Your Life?

Today I wrote an email to my favorite author, Nick Flynn.  Yes, I've reached that point of dorkiness in my life.  It's actually quite a sad gesture on my part because it's not like he'll write back.  He's busy filming a movie right now of his first memoir which also happens to be my favorite book, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City.  A book that forever changed my life.  It's the book that ushered me into writer-hood (writer-dom?) while I was in my first semester of my … [Read more...]

Today on my way to work by Regina Tingle

I saw a tall woman in beige pants in wire-rimmed glasses drawing an imaginary map on a Siena-dirt colored wall.  She drew the map for a shorter woman in a white shirt who leaned slightly forward: as if slightly leaning-in might render the imaginary, invisible lines and round-abouts visible.  The woman drawing the map could very clearly see what she was doing, where she was going.  So deep was she into the compass of her … [Read more...]

“Leaves” by Lloyd Schwartz

I taught "Leaves" in class before, this past spring to be precise.  I came across it again during my search today spurred by an intuition I felt that my class needed something else in addition to the other content I had planned for my new students.  The poem feels particularly pertinent and important this time around, not only because it's actually October, but in the wake of losing a friend, this breathy blip of insight and perspective is very much welcomed.  Hope you can fit its … [Read more...]

Perspective and her last say

earlier today i had a conversation about life's near misses.  those close brushes with death--whether saved by a minute or a millimeter, these measurable instances are the instances we actually know about.  then there are those occasions when we are left unscathed, oblivious to ever being in harm's way in the first place.  it made me reflect on the paths each of us have taken in order to wind up in each others' presence.  for example, in order to have the conversation i had … [Read more...]