i would like to offer this by dulcie witman

I would like to offer this 

do not bring your wallet hiking
do not say cute puppy to a mean little mother short legged thing and then let him anywhere near the inside of your left thigh
do not look at your email if it is your intention to free write that morning
do not cut, chop, haul and stack your own wood all in the same day even if you are blissfully avoiding writing by doing so

but do

get yourself filthy and then watch it slide down the shower drain
wash your hair and then let it dry in the September afternoon sun 
along with your favorite jeans which had
your wallet snugged in the pocket 
who knew
imagine what wild thing is crapping inside your shed
invent a new animal that could manage such a massive feat
and yet go undetected
imagine setting up surveillance 

i say

as long as the do’s 
outnumber the don’ts
in any given day
you’re doing fine


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